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A skin wound caused by tangential trauma when the skin contacts a resistant object or surface with sufficient force; often caused by rubbing, sliding, or compressive forces... Read More


A localized cavity of pus that can occur anywhere on the body... Read More


To go in a secretive manner out of the jurisdiction of the courts, or to lie concealed, in order to avoid their process... Read More


Refers to not having sex with anyone... Read More


Mistreatment or neglect of a person(s) through the intentional or unintentional behavior of another person(s)... Read More

abusive sexual contacts only (adult)

Related to sexual victimization self-reported by inmates in adult correctional facilities: includes unwanted contacts with another inmate or any contacts with staff that involved touching of the inmate's buttocks, thigh, penis, breasts, or vagina in a sexual way... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for synthetic cannabinoids... Read More


Medical abbreviation for "before meals"... Read More

acanthosis nigricans

A relatively common skin condition manifesting as a well demarcated area of brown, velvety, darkened skin, most often found in body folds and creases, such as the armpits, groin, and back of the neck... Read More

Acapulco gold

Street, slang, or code word associated with marijuana... Read More

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