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Acapulco red

Street, slang, or code word associated with marijuana... Read More

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)

A special pre-trial intervention program for non-violent offenders who have no prior criminal record, or a very limited record, who are currently charged with a minor, non-violent crime... Read More

acceptable risk

A risk determined to have minimal detrimental effects or for which the benefits outweigh the potential hazards... Read More


The ability of an individual or a defined population to obtain or receive appropriate health care... Read More


The removal of the barriers to entering and receiving services or working within any health care setting... Read More

accidental death

An unexpected or unforeseen death due to injury... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for methamphetamine... Read More


A process whereby a program of study or an institution is recognized by an external body as meeting certain predetermined standards... Read More

accreditation standard

A standard against which facilities or program are evaluated to determine if they will be accredited or may maintain accreditation... Read More

accredited laboratory 

Forensic DNA Lab DNA laboratory that has received formal recognition that it meets or exceeds a list of standards, including the FBI Director's Quality Assurance Standards, to perform specific tests, by a nonprofit professional association of persons actively involved in forensic science that is nationally recognized within the forensic community in accordance with the provisions of the Federal DNA Identification Act (42 U... Read More

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