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Tanner Scale of Secondary Sexual Development

A maturity rating scale to categorize and guide the assessment of secondary sex characteristics and progression of pubertal development as evidenced by pubic hair growth and breast development in the female, and pubic hair growth and testicular/scrotal and penile growth and size in males... Read More

tape lift

A form of evidence collection in which an adhesive substance is applied to lift evidence from the surface on which it is found and then to transfer that evidence for further analysis... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for heroin... Read More

target group

A group of persons for whom an intervention is planned... Read More

target group

Pertaining to friction ridge identification, a distinctive group of ridge features (and their relationships) that can be recognized... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for cocaine... Read More


Internet and texting code indicating "talk dirty to me"... Read More

team members

Law Enforcement Individuals who are called to the scene to assist in investigation or processing of the scene (e... Read More


A process whereby a group of people work together to reach a common goal, solve a problem, or achieve a specified result... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for heroin... Read More

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