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Internet and texting code indicating "send to receive"; in reference to pictures or information... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for heroin... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)... Read More

safe haven

Pertaining to child welfare legislation, policy in which a parent can relinquish a child, usually a newborn, to lawfully designated places such as a hospital... Read More

safe sex

Sexual practices involving precautions to minimize the possible transmission of sexually transmitted infections/diseases... Read More


Non-evidentiary property in the custody of a law enforcement agency for temporary protection on behalf of the property owner... Read More


A judgment of the acceptability of risk (a measure of the probability of an adverse outcome and its severity) associated with a given situation or setting... Read More


Absence of an imminent or immediate threat of moderate-to-serious harm (e... Read More

safety assessment

A process in which available information is analyzed to identify whether a person is in immediate danger of moderate or serious harm... Read More

sagittal plane

Vertical anatomical plane dividing the body into left and right sections or halves... Read More

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