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The muscular canal that extends from the cervix to the hymen; squamous cells line its walls, creating a mucous membrane with a pH range of 3... Read More

vaginal fornix

Protrusion of the cervix into the upper vagina creates two vault-like recesses known as the anterior fornix and the posterior fornix... Read More

vaginal introitus

Opening of the vagina... Read More

vaginal vestibule

An anatomical area containing the openings of the vagina, urethra, and Bartholin's glands... Read More


Forensic DNA Lab A process by which a procedure is evaluated to determine its efficacy and reliability for forensic casework analysis and includes the following:
  • Developmental validation is the acquisition of test data and determination of conditions and limitations of a new or novel DNA methodology for use on forensic samples... Read More

valley dolls

Street name, slang, or code word for lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)... Read More


Slang term for non-kink sexual behaviors or interests... Read More

vanilla sky

Street, slang, or code word for synthetic cathinones... Read More


Street name, slang, or code word for cocaine... Read More


Surgical cutting and sealing of the vas deferens to permanently prevent sperm from entering the ejaculate (semen), thereby preventing fertilization of an ovum (egg)... Read More

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